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Hemp Oil | Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Hemp Oil | Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

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**REMINDER** Our Hemp Oil & Oil Wax are an oil based product which can spontaneously combust if under the right conditions. Remember to dispose of all rags that you have used any oil based (stain included) product on in a metal container with a lid (you can buy them on amazon or grab one at any auto supply store). This is especially true if your in a hotter climate and rags are left bunched up. Sadly lots of house fires are caused from people just throwing oil and stain rags in the trash can. But this is easily preventable! There are some more disposing techniques and you can google them to see what will work best for you.**

We are excited to now have an all natural hemp oil available for our customers!  Our hemp oil is 100% natural, VOC free and is free from any artificial chemicals or drying agents – it is a completely pure hemp oil.

Hemp oil is amazing on both milk and chalk painted pieces as well as wood.  It brings out the color in painted pieces and revives tired, old, dull wood.  Hemp oil cures from the inside out to protect your project and is water resistant once dry.  The oil will dry to a very slight satin finish, especially if you do more than one coat.

Hemp oil is completely food safe – which means its great for baby toys, cribs and of course cutting boards, salad bowls and wooden utensils.  Our hemp oil has very little odor.

Hemp oil is also a great resist between 2 layers of milk paint to expose the 1st layer. Simply paint your 1st color, apply the oil in random spots and then apply your 2nd coat.  The spots that the hemp oil was applied will naturally resist the milk paint and you will get some great chipping.  Experiment!

Full instructions on bottle.

Available in 16 oz or our 4 oz sample sizes.

16 oz will cover approx 60 sq ft and 4 oz will cover approx 15 sq ft – coverage will depend on your application and dryness of wood.

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