Collection: Farmhouse Finishes

Sweet Pickins colors can be found in Farmhouse Finishes! Here is a list of the names of Sweet Pickins colors and the corresponding Farmhouse Finishes colors. The 12 new colors have the same name across all brands of milk paint that we carry.

Sweet Pickins = Farmhouse Finishes

Cherry Pie = Barn Red
Red Wagon = Salem Red
Completely Coral = Salmon
Sweet Potato = Pumpkin
Sunflower = Marigold
Curry = Mustard 
Artichoke = Bayberry
In A Pickle = Tavern Green
Basil = Lexington
Ocean = Sea Green
Cobalt = Federal Blue
Denim = Soldier Blue
Lantern = Pitch Black
Suitcase = Driftwood
Butter = Buttermilk
Creamy = Light Cream 
Flour Sack = Snow White
Window Pane = Oyster White