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Colt & Willow Geranium Leaf All-Purpose Cleaner

Colt & Willow Geranium Leaf All-Purpose Cleaner

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The hero in your eco cleaning supplies Your go-to for every mess, Geranium Leaf All-purpose Cleaner is a must-have lust-have in your eco cleaning toolkit. Every drop is packed with plant power and calming geranium essential oil to whip your house into delightfully scented ship shape.

Spritz me over your benchtop, stove, tiles, laminate, highchairs, door handles and anywhere sticky hands like to wander. Plant-based and naturally antibacterial, our All-purpose Cleaner will have you looking for excuses to make mess just so you can use me again.

• Amber glass bottle with a trigger spray, 470ml

• Spray, wipe, sparkle

• Your go-to cleaner for every room in the house

• No nasty phosphates, parabens or SLS

• Vegan and cruelty free

• Small batch, Made in United Kingdom

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