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Final Finish Top Coat | Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

Final Finish Top Coat | Sweet Pickins Milk Paint

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A water-based, non-toxic finish for use over Milk Paint to protect against stains, dirt, and abrasion.

Use over milk paint or stained/raw wood for a durable and abrasion resistant finish.  Our Top Coat Finish Finish is one of the highest quality, low toxicity water based finishes on the market and is a great alternative to solvent based products.  Can be used on cabinets, floors, doors, toys, etc.

**Top Coat Final Finish will NOT even out the mottled, streaky appearance that milk paint is known for or change/deepen the color (for that, use an oil based finish such as our oil wax).  This product will seal the milk paint but keep the exact look of raw paint.**


– Provides a glossy sheen to milk painted projects and raw/stained wood.

– Pint covers 44 sq ft, quart covers 88 sq ft and gallon covers 352 sq ft approx.

– Increases washability.

– Keep from freezing.

– Do not apply below 55˚ F or in humid conditions.

– Test before using over a large surface of a dark paint.  Product may dry slightly white/cloudy if applied to thick or in a humid environment.

– Water clean up.

– Interior use only.

– Formulated without formaldehyde preservatives, toxic mildewcides or fungicides.

– Can be used over chippy milk paint if applied in thin coats.  A light sand after the 1st coat has dried may be necessary if any of the paint has raised before proceeding with a 2nd coat.

**Note: may not protect against certain kitchen oils.**

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