Black Safety Sasses

Black Safety Sasses

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Safety Sasses™ Get to the Point! Lightweights
Ever have someone interrupt you while you are sweating over a project and they talk and talk and TALK and you  just want to sweetly say with your sometimes sassy mouth “Get to the Point!”. Well these point horn-rimmed glasses are for you! Get to the Point! are our more substantial Safety Sasses™ that will protect those precious eyes as you work on your projects. Sorry, Safety Sasses™does not protect you from interruptions.

Safety Sasses™ Lightweights
Designed for lightweight duty. They are suitable for arts and crafts, yard work, some home improvement projects, DIY projects, workshop environments, light mechanic duty, and more.

Safety Sasses™ Color

Safety Sasses™ come with a hardshell case, cleaning cloth, and a touch of sass.