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Bentley Seeds

Bentley Seeds

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Arugula-Rouquette~Eruca Sativa

Open Pollinated 500 mg net wt.

Bean-Provider Bush Bean

Heirloom Year 1965  7.0 g net wt. 

Beet-Detroit Dark Red

Heirloom Year 1892 2.4 g net wt.

Brussel Sprouts-Long Island Improved

Heirloom Year 1890's 900 mg net wt.


Heirloom Year 1909 900 mg net wt.

Cantaloupe-Hales Best

Heirloom Year 1920's 1.2 g net wt.


Heirloom Year 1870's 600 mg net wt.

Catnip-Nepeta Cataria

Open Pollinated 360mg net wt.

Celery-Tall Utah

Heirloom Year 1953 600 mg net wt.

Cilantro-Slow Bolting~Coriander

Open Pollinated 1.2g net wt.

Corn-Golden Bantam 8 Row-Sweet

Heirloom Year 1902 8.5g net wt. 

Corn-Pearls & Gold

Open Pollinated 8.5 g net wt.

Cucumber-Boston Pickling

Heirloom Year 1887 1.2 g net wt.

Cucumber-Marketmore 76

Open Pollinated 1.2 g net wt.

Dill-Mammoth Long Island

Open Pollinated 1.5g net wt.

Eggplant-Black Beauty

Heirloom Year 1902

Garlic Chives-Allium Tuberosum

Open Pollinated 300 mg net wt.

Kale-Dwarf Siberian 

Open Pollinated 600 mg net wt.


Heirloom Year 1963 600 mg net wt.

Lettuce-Romaine~Parris Island Cos

Heirloom Year 1949 600 mg net wt.

Lettuce-Black Seeded Simpson~Green Leaf

Heirloom Year 1885 600 mg net wt.


Open Pollinated 120 mg net wt.

Mustard Greens-Southern Giant Curled

Open Pollinated 1.2 g net wt.

Onion-Yellow Sweet Spanish

Open Pollinated 600 mg net wt.

Onion-Evergreen Bunching Scallion

Open Pollinated 600 mg net wt.

Pak Choi-Cabbage

Open Pollinated 900 mg net wt.

Parsley-Plain Italian~Flat

Open Pollinated 600 mg net wt.

Peas-Sugar Ann~Snap

Open Pollinated 8.5g net wt. 

Pepper-California Wonder~Bell

Heirloom Year 1928 450 mg net wt.

Pepper-Cayanne~Long Red Thin

Open Pollinated 450 mg net wt.

Pumpkin-Jack O'Lantern

Open Pollinated 4.2 g net wt.

Radish-French Breakfast

Heirloom Year 1884 2.4 g net wt.

Radish-Sparkler~Red & White

Heirloom Year 1880 2.4g net wt.


Heirloom Year 1826 2.4g net wt.

Squash-Table Queen Acorn

Heirloom Year 1913 2.4g net wt.

Squash-Early Summer Crookneck

Heirloom Year 1807 2.4g net wt. 

Squash-Black Beauty-Zucchini

Heirloom Year 1957 2.4g net wt.

Sweet Basil-Genovese

Open Pollinated 500 mg net wt.

Tomato-Ace 55 VF

Open Pollinated-300 mg net wt.

Tomato-Sweetie Cherry

Open Pollinated-200 mg net wt. 

Turnip-Purple Top Globe

Heirloom 1880's-2.8 g. net wt. 

Watermelon-Sugar Baby Ice box

Open Pollinated-1.2 g net wt.

Forget Me Not-Chinese~Cunoglossum amabile

Open Pollinated 480 mg netwt.

Marigold-Crackerjack Mixed~Tagetes erecta

Open Pollinated420 mg net wt.

Morning Glory-Ipomoea~Mixed Colors

Open Pollinated 2.4 g net wt.

Sunflower-All Sorts Mix~Helianthus annuus

Open Pollinated 2.4 g net wt.

Sunflower-Mammoth~Helianthus annuus

Open Pollinated 4.8 g net wt.

Zinnia-Lilliput-Mixed Colors

Open Pollinated 480 mg net wt.

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