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Antique Sugar Mold

Antique Sugar Mold

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The photo is a representation of what you will receive. Each Antique sugar mold, as you well know is one of a kind. These are old, unfinished and with that worn aged look. Please study the photos. You are buying a (22-26 hole) mini hole sugar mold. In Mexico, these are called "pirinolas." Number of holes will be assorted, so you will and may get a mix but all about same size.

The sugar molds were used in Mexico to form what they called (piloncillo), a dark hard cone shape almost like molasses, sugar. That is how you buy brown sugar in Mexico-even today. This pirinola sugar mold measures approximately 38 inches in length. They are about 2 inches tall and about 5 inches wide.

The holes are small about 2 inches and cone shape at the bottom.

NOTE: these are old and will therefore be a bit rough, cracks,splinters etc.. please buy accordingly.. but they are so beautiful!!

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