How To Trim A Kitchen Island Using Corbels | YouTube Video

We wanted the kitchen island to look more trimmed and like a piece of furniture. To do this we used 1X4" trim and Lynn Corbels that Zeb makes. You can watch the process happen in our YouTube video here.

If you want to see how we painted the island along with our whole kitchen, view our blog post here.

Here is the before picture for the kitchen island.

Here is the final product after painting and trimming!

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Found this at a perfect time. Gonna be building my island really soon and NEED these! hehe


Hello Jami I’m a new describer, and I love your u tube videos I watch them everyday . Not only are they very informational "but very entertaining as well . You guys really cheer me up . I have a question I would love to start using the DIY paints and brushes "but don’t know where start to on what to purchase first to get me started . I’m a picker also and my garage ,house and pole barn is full of really cool stuff to get done . So what brushes as well as waxes and paints do you recommend to buy first ? Can you help me out hear with out breaking my pocket book . I’ve been battling cancer off and on since 2007 . And part of my bucket list is to have a store like yours in my garage . So if you could help me out hear that would be great . I’m a bit older then you so I’m not very savy when it comes to twitter ,and stuff like that . I really have made some pretty cool stuff and would like to sell them so I can invest in new paints and brushes as well as the different paints you use . So how about a starter kit ? , and what would you recommend ? Thanks you and Jeb are a real inspiration to me . Have a blessed day !

Vickie Jahner

I love Zeb’s corbels and am happy to see that they enhance both the interior and the exterior of a home.

Robin Langston-Jones

Jamie do you still take furniture on consignment and when is the best time to bring it in. I buy all my products from you and I thought I seen where you do consignments. Thank you carol


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