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Recently we have been redoing our kitchen. It is a big process, so I have lots of videos that show how we did the whole thing. First, we started out at Lowe's picking out some items.

Watch that video here.

We then showed how to clean and remove the cabinets. We put numbers on the cabinet doors and made a map that showed where each cabinet door went when we were all done. To clean the cabinets we used TSP and scrubbed the cabinets in our bathtub. Make sure to wear gloves when using TSP as it is damaging to skin. It is great at getting the grease and everything out of the cabinets. We then the final step to cleaning them is lightly sanding.

Watch the cleaning video here.

The next step to this renovation is priming the cabinets. We used High Bond Primer from Fairy Chalk Mother. I used a Wooster Pro Foam Roller for everywhere that is flat and then the Paint Pixie French Tip Brush on all the detail and the inside of the cabinets. We did two layers of the High Bond Primer and then two layers of White Swan from DIY Paint, which is a clay and chalk based paint.

The priming video can be found here.

The live painting video can be found here.

The edited painting video is here.

After all the painting, we finally got to install the cabinet doors. We used the map and numbers on the cabinet doors to install them back onto the correct cabinets. We put the numbers under where the hardware would go in the end and covered them with tape. That way you peel off the tape, then you can see the numbers, and once they are installed you can't see the numbers.

Watch the video where we installed the cabinet doors here.

We also painted the kitchen walls. We used Behr Marquee paint and we color matched it to the cabinets.

You can find the video of when we went live painting the kitchen walls here.

Here is the kitchen before.


Here are the final photos of the kitchen finished!


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Love your kitchen remodel!!

Angela Parrish

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