Watercolor with Chalk Paint and Stamps

We wanted to show how to use your stamps and DIY paint, to water color. Now you’ll have even more projects that you can use your stamps and paint on!

It’s not Christmas yet, but we all know that Christmas ends and Valentine’s begins. So, we took raw wood to make a sign and painted it with white swan. Then we took our typesetting stamp and centered the word “Amore” on it. Next we bordered the sign with the rose toile stamp. With this stamp you want to overlap the flowers and words a little. It gives it the romantic floral look that it needs. Then we sealed over the signs with Sweet Pickins Top Coat. Sealing the sign before we use our watercolor, allows us to simply wipe off the paint if we make an error. Make sure to let the sealant dry. We used DIY Paint to do our water coloring. We just took the paint with watercolor brushes and added water to the brush to really water the paint down. It worked perfect and it turned out better than we could’ve hoped for. 

To watch the full watercolor tutorial click here.
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Products we used:


Rose Toile Stamp Set
Typesetting Stamp Set (currently out of stock)

DIY Paint In:
White Swan
Petticoat Pink
Black Velvet 
Layered Chocolate
Hey Sailor
Gypsy Green

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Great typography and typesetting ! I think i should discuss it with my partner v tex .


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