Using Oven Cleaner To Strip an Antique Side Table!

   Our very first oven cleaner stripper project. A few things we learned. Do it outside, wear a respirator and gloves. I absolutely hate stripper it’s goopy and I can never get it to work right. It didn’t lighten the wood, we could have used bleach, but we liked the color it was. I would say the oven cleaner worked as intended and worked better than stripper. We will definitely try it again and use the fume free kind and see if it works. To seal our piece and add a slightly white finish we used white oil wax. I love the look of natural wood that’s not orange, not shiny and not dark. It’s warm and a good accent to a white cottage look. 

Watch the full DIY Here:

Products we used in this DIY:
White Oil Wax:
Vintage accent table:

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Love… result you achieved with your process..on this antique table!! It’s same design as my Grandmother’s I now have & love…! In 1950’s…my Mom..stripped it & put “Heirloom finish “..on it..that’s now “orange ing”..So…to remove that color..I’ll use the restore this same color 💕…
I’m watching your “Grandma nightstand redo”…from 1yr. ago… I saw 👀 Zeb..challenged with the top finish…Little more expensive…I’d suggest “a scrap piece” of stone of some nature???? Just a suggestion..♥️….
Thank you for sharing all your experiences..uplifting and thoughtful…
Keep up the great work…


Yvonne Dwyer

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