Thrift with Jami Ray Vintage!

Jami thrifting and holding a hanger with hooks

Sometimes when you are  No worries, you can always give something new life with crafting!

Watch the playlist using the button to see the fun videos we have created while thrifting in one spot!

finding an interesting item at the thrift store
Jami squatting holding a hook rack

What do we do with our thrifted finds?

Each week Jami and Zeb go thrifting to find items to sell in our Lehi boutique and online store. On Saturday nights they go live at 8:30PM MT, sometimes it's moved due to holidays, but rarely. They show you what they've found and they paint and recreate new looks for some of the finds at the end. During the live you can buy the items on Check out some of the fun videos thrifting with Jami and Zeb below! Be sure to subscribe on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok to see new videos and get inspired for your home!

Thrifted items at Jami
Jami holding a crystal bowl with lid at the thrift store

Happy Thrifting!

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