Swedish Folk Art Clock


We take one of our favorite clocks and turn it into a Swedish Folk style, using the new Iron Orchid Designs Inlay designed by 

Debi's Design Diary. 

Learn all the tips and tricks on how to use the inlays. 

Who else has a hard time photographing glass? Glass reflection is my nemesis! I am not gonna lie at first I was skeptical that I could actually take the new Vida Flora inlay from Debis Design Diary and IOD and make it the way I like it. But I love it. It’s a beautiful tribute to Debis Mexican heritage and it blends well with so many styles. What do you think of the clock? Are you ready to give inlays a try? If you haven’t watched our latest DIY go check it out. We show you how simple it is to get a great inlay done and we share a few tips on application. Hope you guys have the best Monday! I’m headed out to go thrifting with Zeb.

 ❤️- Jami

"It's important to figure out the layout of the Inlay while the paint is dry, because once you lay it into the paint, you can't move it or it will smear."

Step by Step instructions for IOD Paint Inlays

Step 1: Plan the layout of your designs for your surface. 


Step 2: Using the grids on the backside of the inlay sheet, trim as needed and set aside. If you are using a repeat pattern and lining the pattern up continuously, then trim the excess margin on each sheet.


 Step 3: On an appropriately prepared surface, apply a generous and even coat of mineral-based chalk-type paint. Work in small sections to manage the paint-drying window as you work, generally not larger than 12"x16". 


Step 4: While the paint is still wet, lay the paint inlay sheet, design side down (grids are printed on the back for easy identification of front and back), into the wet paint, keeping it taut. 


Step 5: Spritz lightly with an even mist of water. Using a smooth damp sponge or the IOD Silicone Paint Blade, pat down with even light pressure to make sure the design makes good contact with the painted surface. Avoid excessive moving or dragging of the Paint Inlay sheet once it is laid down, as this can cause blur or smear. 


Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 to complete your design, lining up your sections as appropriate. The gridlines can help to match pattern edges when needed. 


Step 7: Allow the Inlay to dry to the touch. Drying times can vary anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour, depending upon conditions. 


Step 8: When ready to remove the Paint Inlay sheets from your surface, spritz evenly with water, and allow 30 seconds to absorb; this helps the backing to release. Starting at one corner, gently pull the paper up, keeping it at a low angle. It should come up easily without tearing. If it does not, spritz a second time and wait a moment, then try again. 


Step 9: If desired, you can use water to blend out or soften the design, because the pigment is still movable and active. You can even add additional colors. 


Step 10: Once you’re happy with the Paint Inlay design, allow your project to fully dry. Dry time will vary depending on the thickness of the paint coats, how much water was used in the process, the room temperature, and weather conditions. If the surface is cold to the touch, it is not completely dry. To be sure, wait 24 hours. 


Step 11: Now, it’s time to seal it.


A Brush with Tradition: Unveiling the Art of Swedish Folk Art Clock Painting with Jami Ray Vintage

In the vast landscape of YouTube's DIY and reselling community, there are hidden treasures that beckon enthusiasts with a blend of creativity, tradition, and entrepreneurial spirit. One such gem is the video titled "How to Paint Swedish Folk Art Clock New Iron Orchid Designs Vida Flora | IOD Paint Inlay - Reselling on YouTube Channel Jami Ray Vintage" by the charismatic Jami Ray of Jami Ray Vintage. Join us as we embark on a journey through time and tradition, exploring the art of Swedish folk clock painting and the entrepreneurial flair that Jami Ray brings to her reselling endeavors.

Unveiling the Tradition: Swedish Folk Art Clock Painting

At the heart of this captivating video is the timeless tradition of Swedish folk art clock painting. Jami Ray takes viewers on a delightful voyage into the intricacies of this art form, unveiling the charm and elegance that characterize Swedish folk designs. The video commences with an exploration of the Iron Orchid Designs Vida Flora, a canvas awaiting the magic touch of paint, and a vision yet to be realized.

As Jami Ray delves into the history of Swedish folk art, her genuine passion for the subject shines through. She seamlessly weaves together information about traditional motifs, color palettes, and the cultural significance of these clocks. It's not just a tutorial; it's an homage to a rich heritage, an invitation to preserve tradition through the stroke of a brush.

Jami Ray's Artistic Alchemy: IOD Paint Inlay

The video takes an intriguing turn as Jami Ray introduces the concept of IOD (Iron Orchid Designs) Paint Inlay. This technique elevates the art of clock painting to a new level, adding depth and texture to the intricate designs. Jami Ray demonstrates the application of paint inlay with a skillful hand, turning a blank canvas into a masterpiece that pays homage to the Swedish folk art tradition.

What makes Jami Ray's approach noteworthy is not just her mastery of the technique but the humility with which she shares it. The video becomes a gentle guide, encouraging viewers to embrace experimentation and creativity in their own projects. It's not about perfection but the joy of self-expression through art, a sentiment that resonates with both seasoned artists and those venturing into the world of folk art painting for the first time.

The Reselling Journey: Entrepreneurial Flair

As the Swedish folk art clock takes shape, the video seamlessly transitions into another dimension of Jami Ray's world – the art of reselling. Jami Ray Vintage is not just a channel about creating; it's a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that infuses the reselling community. Jami Ray shares insights into her approach to reselling, underscoring the importance of authenticity, storytelling, and the joy of giving new life to vintage treasures.

Her humility shines through as she discusses the challenges and triumphs of the reselling journey. Jami Ray invites viewers into the behind-the-scenes aspects of her business, demystifying the reselling process and fostering a sense of camaraderie among those who share a love for vintage finds. It's not a boastful showcase of success but a genuine sharing of experiences, acknowledging that every reseller faces a unique set of circumstances.

YouTube as a Platform: A Community of Creativity

Beyond the artistic and entrepreneurial aspects, the video highlights the role of YouTube as a platform for community building. Jami Ray engages with her audience not as distant viewers but as companions on a shared journey. The comments section becomes a lively space where viewers share their thoughts, ask questions, and contribute to the conversation. Jami Ray's responsiveness and genuine interactions create a sense of belonging, turning her 

In an era where digital connections often lack depth, Jami Ray's approach stands out. Her authenticity and approachability foster a community where creativity is celebrated, questions are welcomed, and everyone feels encouraged to embark on their creative or reselling ventures.

In Conclusion: A Stroke of Genius, A Touch of Tradition

In conclusion, "How to Paint Swedish Folk Art Clock New Iron Orchid Designs Vida Flora | IOD Paint Inlay - Reselling on YouTube Channel Jami Ray Vintage" is more than a tutorial; it's a celebration of tradition, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Jami Ray's ability to seamlessly blend the art of Swedish folk clock painting with the entrepreneurial flair of reselling creates a unique tapestry that resonates with a diverse audience.

The video invites us to pick up a brush and explore the beauty of tradition, to experiment with new techniques, and to appreciate the stories embedded in vintage treasures. Through the reselling journey, Jami Ray becomes not just an instructor but a guide and a fellow enthusiast, sharing the joys and challenges of the reselling world with humility and authenticity.

As the Swedish folk art clock comes to life on the canvas, it becomes a metaphor for the magic that happens when tradition, art, and entrepreneurship converge. Jami Ray's YouTube channel, Jami Ray Vintage, stands as a beacon for those seeking inspiration, creativity, and a sense of community in the vast sea of online content. It's not just a stroke of genius but a touch of tradition that leaves a lasting impression on the canvas of YouTube's vibrant and diverse creative landscape.





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