Recycled Soup Can Planters with IOD Molds

We take recycled tin cans and some old salvage bead board and make planters out of them with IOD molds and DIY Paint.

I am always amazed at what a little paint and some IOD (Iron Orchid Design) can do. These little pots started out as soup cans and the little crate was a strip of old headboard.

Today on our Waste Not Wednesday (WNW) YouTube live, we used IOD clay and molds, and some DIY paint to transform the soup cans. They are sealed with clear, black, and white wax.

What do you think are these a DIY win or a DIY fail? I am loving them!! Thanks Milk & Honey Home for the inspiration!!

Products Used In The Video:

Farm Fresh:
Sandy Blonde:
French Millinery:
Skeleton Key:
IOD Molds:
IOD Paper Clay:

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Do you sell the planter? I don’t have the equipment to make one.

Jeannine Barnes

Enjoy your videos and love the cans with the paper clay..
Had a shop (space) for few years and did pretty well with it until my health interfered. Glad to see you guys doing well. Jeri

Jerilyn Martin

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