How to Paint White Furniture | YouTube Video

In this Jami Ray Vintage YouTube I paint two nightstands white. I cover all of the differences between the white colors of paint that I sell in the three different paint brands that I carry. This will help you decide which white you should use on your next project!


DIY White Swan (used in the video)

All DIY Paint


Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Flour Sack (used in the video)

All Sweet Pickins Milk Paint


Fairy Chalk Mother Paint in Snowflake

All Fairy Chalk Mother Paint


Sweet Pickins Clear Beeswax


DIY Black Wax




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I have question? Hoping you can help. I purchased Diy Snowlake and Diy Old 57 the beeswax and black wax. I have two night stands different colors. One is like a cherry color shiny and the other one looks like a light wood color. I was wanting to know if I spray painted it first with gray then used the Diy Old 57 and then the snowflake. Will that work? I don’t really want to get to the wood b/c different colors. But I want the chippy vintage look. Or should I strip the cherry one or use a primer? I have watched too many of your videos and now have overwhelmed myself. Please help. Shannon

Shannon jordan

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