How To Paint Pour On Furniture | YouTube Video


Do you ever go outside your comfort zone?? This is a look I have been dreaming about for a while. And now I am seriously in love with this paint pour!

Watch the full video here

Products Used:

DIY Petticoat Pink
DIY Kissing Booth
DIY Cowgirl Coral
DIY Golden Ticket
DIY White Swan
Sweet Pickins Top Coat

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I was hoping to find more detailed instructions as it is not easy to manipulate a drawer as it is to manipulate a canvas. What caught my eye here, is that I did a canvas in just about the exact same colors you have used, and I love the outcome. I wanted to do it on the seats of my kitchen chairs (wood) but I had never seen it done. I am inspired to do it now.

Johanne Palange

Did you use flat paint on dresser base?


What a fun and colourful idea! Thanks for sharing! Carolina at Hamilton Billiards.

Hamilton Billiards

Hi, excited to try the pour on a dresser…my question is do you seal after complete? I’m thinking no because it’s got the top coat included…just want to make sure!


I’ve been staring at this beautiful finish for a week here, but have finally figured out my frustration. I have the attention span of a gnat, so staring at a video is agony and boring for me. Selfishly, I wish you’d blog your steps. In the meanwhile, I’ll stare at the photos for a while longer! LOL! Beautiful!


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