How To Make Furniture Look Really Old


Chippy Paint, looks original, but the white was added by me. Thank you Milk Paint for doing what you do. I’m totally obsessed with my new bathroom cabinet!  We picked this up in Round Top @marburgerfarm. It was the coolest chippy blue. But the color didn’t look right next to my buffet, and it was really stained. I was a little nervous to paint over the chippy goodness. But we painted it with Flour Sack milk paint and I love it!!!  Lots of chippy paint came through. I love that it has so much more storage than my last piece. And the proportion is better. It was missing some of the original hardware so we added new pulls and painted them with milk paint to make them look like they match. Little by little, piece by piece this house is starting to feel like home.

Watch the full tutorial here:

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Flour Sack Paint:
Clear Wax:
Cast Iron Drawer Pulls:

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I watch you videos every day and I absolutely love you both ❣️
I thought I had heard you mention paint by numbers on your videos but I don’t know how to find it on your website please help me I’d love to see what you have.
Thank you for such awesome videos I love every one of them.
You are so lucky to have each other and such an amazing family.
Thank you, Sharon 🙂

Sharon Cherry

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