How To Fake A French Antique Finish

How To Fake A French Antique Finish

A lot of what I've been getting asked lately is how come I am starting to do these layered paint finishes. Somebody even said, "Maybe it's to sell product because it doesn't look good." It's not about selling more product, it's about pushing myself as an artist. Sometimes I do a finish and it turns out perfect and sometimes it's less than perfect. It takes hundreds of hours to get better at something and I am dedicated to creating finishes I am passionate about. When Zeb and I create things that we love, we like to share them with you all. We hope that as we do these finishes that you all can learn and be brave and try things that you are passionate about. At the end of the day it's always about sharing and helping others to grow their talents and to be able to make over the things that they have to create pieces that they love.

In this video we show how to fake a French antique finish on a 1990's MDF cabinet. All steps are in the video below.

Watch How To Fake A French Antique Finish Here:

Products used to create this look:
Salt Wash:
Prairie Grey Chalk Paint:
Corabelle Milk Paint:
Ocean Milk PAint:
IOD Toile Transfer:
Golden Ticket Patina:
Clear Wax:
Black Wax:
White Wax:
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I really enjoy watching you and Zeb do your thing. You’ve come along way in the last four years keep it up!


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