How To Age A Terra Cotta Pot | Spring Farmhouse Ideas | YouTube Video


We put a farmhouse twist on some terra cotta pots and make them look weather worn.

You can use terra cotta pots from any store. We then sand them, you can leave some higher spots to give it variation. 

For paint I used three different DIY paint shades and the paint brush is the 1 1/4 Paint Pixie Brush. First up is Gravel Road. I wet my paint brush so that way it doesn’t lay on too thick and I applied the paint all over. Second, I used DIY Old School. For this layer I just dab the end of the brush onto the pot in random spots like you would a sponge and let it dry. Then the last paint I used is White Swan from DIY Paint and I applied it in a crosshatch dry brush pattern. 

Since the paint is water based, I used a sealer that way if you need to clean it or anything, the paint will not come off. I used the Sweet Pickins Top Coat, but you can also use Liquid Patina by DIY. This sealant will really bring out all the layers and makes the paint durable. Finally, I used DIY Black Wax and a Wax Brush to add more aging and character  

You can watch the full DIY video here!

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Hi Jami, Zeb, and Company,
Please tell me the benefits/uses of your white wax over clear. Secondly, please guide me to your videos about which brush is best for which projects. I watch your aunt Debbie design diaries videos daily. You both seem to use a round brush for a lot of your painting, but to me that looks very similar to the Annie Sloan wax brush. I want to give you business and buy your brushes as well as your stencils. I have purchased and sold before and they really are something special! Thank you for your help and keep those wonderful videos and humorous commentaries coming. Your fans love you and Jeb! 💜


Live your channel. Can you refer me to a video of you telling us about your paints you use. Thx for your time.

Brenda Miller

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