Thrift With Us + Home Decor Flips + New Shop Reno Update!

"Art is a practice, crafting is like a muscle. You have to keep working at it and improving along the way." - Jami Ray

Inside of an old church being turned into the Jami Ray Vintage shop in Lehi freshly painted

"When you’re creating it’s ok to get discouraged."

Giving Thrifted Decor A New Life

It’s about 1000 degrees outside and Zeb has been priming the old church. We’re so close to being able to move the shop in. Spraying primer is a solitary job and since Zeb didn’t need my help I stayed home and painted the thrift haul (inside with the AC on). The problem is there were two giant decor pieces Zeb bought and I really didn’t want to paint them. This clock is one of them. But I put my big girl panties on and got started. For whatever reason I decided to put bohemian blue on first. I wanted to stretch myself, and paint it a color I don’t use often. Then when I was done I was like, ok I have no idea where to go with this to make it my style of home decor. When I was headed out the door to just burn the clock because no one has bought it yet so technically I didn’t have to paint it, I decided to take a deep breath and go on Pinterest. I scoured clocks, I found one a similar style for $300 on pottery barn but it looked how this one looked to begin with boring. Then I kept searching and found some soft gustavian finishes with a little gold. Once I had a finish picked out I just kept on layering paint and wax until I got it just right.  And guess what, now I love it!  When you’re creating it’s ok to get discouraged. But give yourself a minute to take a break and get inspired. You never know where your brush will take you. Of course I filmed this transformation and all my other thrift decor flips. I was filming myself so the angles are probably crazy, but click the button below or above to enjoy!.

Candlesticks painted blue with gold accents
Thrifted decor clock painted blue with gold accents by Jami Ray Vintage

Art Decor Project

"I’m not the worlds best decoupager (is that a word?)..." - Jami Ray

Second project I was wanting to walk away from yesterday. But I couldn’t because it was already sold, so I was determined to get it just right. I wasn’t quite sure how to blend the decoupage paper I cut out. So I just used black to get it to blend in. All in all I like it. I’m not the worlds best decoupager (is that a word?) and I am always hard on myself because I feel like I should be because I own a decoupage paper company. But it’s ok, I love designing it and I am slowly getting more confident in using it in design. Art is a practice, crafting is like a muscle. You have to keep working at it and improving along the way. There’s always room to get better. Watch the thrifting, flips, and new shop renovation update by clicking the button below.

A home decor piece with a blue painted frame and decoupaged picture of a bouquet in a vase

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