Giraffe Repair & More Great Home Decor Thrifted Finds

Products Used To Repair and Paint The Giraffe

Giraffe Repair Success!

Everyone is anxious to see how we fix the thrifted giraffe's horn. We used Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Clear Cast by Alumilite, product link above, to fix the horn. In the finished product it's unnoticeable.

Up close of finished paint job and horn repair done by Jami Ray Vintage

Thrift With Us

Thrift with us! We don’t just buy thrifted items and resell. We also completely repair, refashion and update them. Some of the items are still available up on our website, but most have sold. 

group picture of the items thrifted by Jami Ray Vintage

Products Used In The Video Above

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You guys are an inspiration
I found your Facebook live by fluke
Now I never miss an episode

Dianne Degutis

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