Fall IOD Release 2021

FIVE NEW items and TWO REDESIGNS! Find the NEW IOD HERE: https://jamirayvintage.com/collection...

See these products in action in our video here: https://youtu.be/ub7S-2RYEKg

  • Brocante Transfer
  • Cameos Mould
  • Frames Mould
  • Fruitful Harvest Stamp
  • Vintage Textures Stamp
  • Roses Mould (redesign of Heirloom Roses)
  • Traditional Pots Transfer (redesign of Classic Pots)

Vintage Found Collection with New IOD on it: https://jamirayvintage.com/collection...
DIY Paints: https://jamirayvintage.com/collection...
Jami's Shirt: https://jamirayvintage.com/products/s...
Brushes: https://jamirayvintage.com/search?q=b...
Waxes: https://jamirayvintage.com/search?q=wax


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Jami: I so enjoyed the video where you set the table for your dinner party. Lovely table! I know your channel isn’t about cooking, but I’m wondering what you served for dinner?


Stuff so awesome

Tiffany Trobaugh

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