Extreme Makeover Chippy French Trumeau Mirror

We finished this fun mirror for the dining room.  Eventually it will have mirror in the bottom, it’s on order. The top mirror we just cut down from and old mirror in my stash, everyone has a stash of old mirrors right?  This frame I purchased off Facebook Marketplace. It was a sad drippy brown color. We transformed with salt wash, DIY paint, milk paint, golden ticket, black wax and clear wax. We have a full tutorial up on our channel right now. With the right products and some patience you can create an old world look in an afternoon.



  • Lynne L. Hebert Greene

    I love watching your videos. What kind of measuring cup did you use? It looked like a green glass vase.

  • Kim Moffett

    Just seen you guys on youtube wanted to say hi I enjoy watching you both I’m from down under New Zealand ..

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