Dresser and Cedar Chest DIY

French Country Furniture Flip DIY

Simple is beautiful! We picked up this solid cherry dresser for $40 on Monday. As soon as I found out it was cherry I decided on pink because bleed through even with primer is a pain and pink just works with cherry bleed through. We did use DIY’s salvation solution and that stopped so much of the bleed through from the wood tannins. Then we painted her up with Cottage Color Vintage Pink. I love this pink because it has soft peach undertones and it’s truly the sweet color of pink I have found on so many vintage pieces. The top we stripped to the natural wood and used a simple coat of dark oil wax. I always love having pink furniture in the store and we just sold our last piece a few weeks ago. I can’t wait to get this beauty in the shop.  #paintedfurniture #paintedfurniturelove #antique #antiquefurniture #diypaintretailer #pink #thriftstorefinds


Jami Ray Vintage's prowess in French Country furniture flips is a testament to her creative vision and skillful execution. In each video, viewers are treated to a visual journey of transformation as she takes worn-out, overlooked pieces and turns them into stylish French-inspired masterpieces.

  1. Choosing the Right Pieces:

    • Jami Ray's discerning eye is evident as she carefully selects furniture pieces with the potential for a French Country makeover. From vintage dressers to wooden chairs, each item is chosen based on its structural integrity and the potential for enhancement.
  2. Inspiration from French Country Aesthetics:

    • French Country style is characterized by its rustic elegance, distressed finishes, and soft color palettes. Jami Ray draws inspiration from these elements, infusing her furniture flips with the timeless charm of French design. Intricate detailing and distressed paint techniques contribute to the authentic French Country look.
  3. Meticulous Painting and Distressing:

    • One of the key stages in Jami Ray's furniture flips is the meticulous painting process. High-quality paints in muted tones are chosen to capture the essence of French Country aesthetics. Distressing techniques are applied strategically to create the appearance of aged, well-loved furniture, adding depth and character to each piece.
  4. Attention to Detail:

    • What sets Jami Ray's furniture flips apart is her unwavering attention to detail. From hand-painted motifs to carefully chosen hardware, every element contributes to the overall narrative of the piece. Vintage-inspired pulls, decorative carvings, and stenciled designs elevate the furniture to a level of craftsmanship that reflects her dedication to the art of transformation.
  5. Styling and Final Reveal:

    • The anticipation builds as viewers witness the styling process, where Jami Ray expertly integrates the transformed pieces into cohesive room setups. The final reveal is a moment of triumph, showcasing not only the individual beauty of each furniture flip but also their harmonious presence within a French Country-inspired space.
  6. Educational Insights for Viewers:

    • Jami Ray doesn't just showcase the end result; she generously shares insights into her techniques, offering viewers educational value. DIY enthusiasts and aspiring furniture flippers gain practical knowledge about paint choices, distressing methods, and decorative detailing through her detailed explanations.
  7. Encouraging Creativity and Personalization:

    • Beyond the specific flips featured in her videos, Jami Ray encourages viewers to embark on their own creative journeys. She emphasizes the importance of personalization and creativity in DIYprojects, inspiring her audience to experiment with colors, styles, and techniques to make each piece uniquely their own.

Jami Ray Vintage's French Country furniture flips go beyond mere restoration; they represent a harmonious blend of artistic expression and reverence for timeless design. Each video not only showcases her skill in transforming furniture but also invites viewers to embrace the joy of creative exploration in their own DIY endeavors. As the paintbrush meets wood and the transformation unfolds, Jami Ray continues to enchant her audience with the magic of French Country-inspired reinvention.

Vintage Cherry Dresser DIY


Vintage Lane French Provincial Cedar Chest DIY



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