Dream Home Master Suite

Slowly, but surely making progress in our bedroom suite. We made a video  showing us finishing up our bedroom and bathroom. I love layering on color and texture in every space. In bathrooms I love minimal decor and a bright look. How do you decorate your bathroom, over the top or minimal or somewhere in between??

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/e18vxx8JILQ

Pick Up The Items Here:
Bedroom Rug at JRVhome.com
Bathroom Rug https://jamirayvintagehome.com/products/momeni...
Bathroom Table https://jamirayvintagehome.com/products/metal-...
Mirror https://jamirayvintagehome.com/products/french-country-keyhole-mirror
Bath & Beauty products https://jamirayvintagehome.com/collections/all-...
Shop Paint and Wax here: jamirayvintage.com


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hi jaime, where do you find most of your furniture pieces you redo? I know your in a whole different state. Lol. But I mean do you look at goodwills or like antique stores or private yard sales or other places? I finally found something I truly enjoy doing that I’d be able to support my family doing if I could just find more and condistant pieces for reasonable prices. Thank you

kelsey gregory

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