Anthropologie Tray Hack with Scrap Wood and Food Safe Stain

I love these trays we made from wood I got at the Tip. It was left over construction wood. Zeb and I made this live on our Waste Not Wednesday episode on our YouTube channel. Perfect for holiday parties and decorating. I love the one with the leather strap. With a little creativity and the right products you really can make something from nothing . We sell all the paint and stencils you need for these at And I just listed there trays for sale at We also carry the cute pulls at

Watch The DIY Video Here

Products Used:

Products we used in this video:
In All Things JRV Stencil
Farmhouse Finishes Food Safe Paint
Sweet Pickins Milk Paint Food Safe Paint
Hemp Oil
Cup Pulls
Big Top
Flora Transfer



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You are,sick on the video I am watching. I retired right after covid began. I had been taking 1 Oil of Oregano and 1 Olive Leaf daily (anti- viral) impressed to double it in Feb. 2 of my customers came down with covid…I did not. My daughter got covid and took 4 System Well every 4 hours (my flu cure) and got over it quickly. All are by Nature’s Way. I don’t get flu for more than 36 hours and I have a compromised immune system. Just sharing because His ways are best!


loved this idea. I save wood as well. This is a great gift idea. Thank you for your crafty works.

Rebecca Stevens

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