Bertha the Hutch

This is one of my favorite transformations, I named her Bertha. She started out a vintage cabinet from a school.

I added crown molding and a few wood appliques. Then I took off the handles and locks and puttied up the holes. Then she got a light sand. I painted her back with mint chalk paint. Once she was dry I taped off stripes and I painted the base of the cabinet. Then this happened....

He (my husband) said there was enough room for two bodies, too much CSI, LOL. Then I painted her doors and shelves. Bertha got a light distress with sand paper, a wipe of light stain and a wax finish. She was stunning at almost 7' tall an 4' wide.  She's been in her new home for a while.  But if you ever see an old cabinet with glass doors just think of the possibilities!




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I don’t speak a lot of english but i love your videos on you tube..I’m suscribed on your channel ..yo hablo español pero me encanta ver sus videos


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