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When will my order ship?
Orders ship in 10 business days, which is 2 weeks without holidays. Holidays add however many days the holiday is federally recognized. During sales, orders will take longer than average shipping times due to the high volume of the sale. We will update you if there is going to be a delay.
If my item(s) says it is now out of stock, will I get the item that I ordered?
Items that are not out of stock when you order, will be shipped to you, even if they go out of stock after you place your order. When they are out of stock that means we have no more items in our inventory or on the way, and it will not allow you to order them.
Do you ship internationally?
We ship to hundreds of country using a service called Yakit. You can add items and input your shipping address at checkout and it will tell you if we ship there and how much shipping is.
I am not getting newsletters, how can I get them?
If you have signed up on our website or on Facebook for newsletters, please send us the email address you signed up with and check your spam. We will look into if the email is still in the system or not. If it is in our system, then we suggest checking your email spam filters or your computer's virus protection spam filters. Some of these services will filter out newsletters they think could be harmful.
If your question is not answered here, please email
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