The Story Behind The Debra Coffee Table

A few years ago we designed this coffee table. The original inspiration came from a table I saw in Joanna Gaines home. I loved the salvage aspect of her table and wanted to create something similar. So Zeb and I created this table, made a video and put the table up on our website. If you keep swiping you can see the original inspiration table and you can see the table in the workshop it was made in.  How did I get a picture of it in the workshop it was made in?? Because after I posted my coffee table the designer contacted me to tell me she had made Joanna’s and that she loved mine. The original designers were Lorraine Hill and Joel Nelson JNelson Design and French Twist Home. Joanna bought it from the store they sold at. Originally they made a dining table, then they made two coffee tables with the remaining salvage and Jo bought the one I saw and used as inspiration. This story is one of my favorites of all time because it’s probably the closest I will ever get to Joanna. I am so honored that Lorraine saw my table and complemented it. Sometimes as designer/decorators/creators we are a little unsure of ourselves. But if Joanna Gaines bought a table from Lorraine, and Lorraine likes my table then my work must be A-okay. And this table is headed to the shop, ready for pickup from its new owners. If you would like to order this table it’s on our website, it’s the Debra coffee table and ships across the US ❤️.

Buy The Table Here

Watch our YouTube Video on how we built this coffee table: Click Here 


The Jami Ray Vintage Products Used On The Debra

Sweetie Jane

Flour Sack

Moody Blue

Pantry Door


Dark & Decrepit





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I love the coffee table and your work. Y’all do a great job.
I have learned a lot from you. Also where did you get your area
Rug. Love it

Diane darby

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