Teen Bedroom Makeover | YouTube Video | Part 2

It’s all about the details. Odelia’s room isn’t huge so lots of the decor had to be custom made. We also had to make Star Wars fit in to this super girly space, and every teenage girl needs a vanity.

In Part 3 of the bedroom makeover we made corbels and a shelf to house her books.

You can find the products we used to create them here:

Odelia Corbels

Real Stain #2

First Crush

Window Pane

DIY Big Top


Our next video, Part 4, shows how we made frames for some one of a kind artwork with a Star Wars theme, and produced a design fail. After finishing the vanity we realized that it wasn’t deep enough, it had to have an extra wonky corbel to support it, and the stool is too short and too plain. It just doesn't work for what we envisioned. The artwork however, works fantastic! The frames work with the decor and adds personality without being crazy. So, at least that wasn't a fail!

Real Stain #2

First Crush

DIY Apothecary

DIY Clear Wax


We fixed our fail in Part 5. This vanity turned out to give so much more personality and is a lot more functional than the first one. You can follow along as Zeb builds the vanity, paints it, and installs it.

The products we used are:

SPMP Window Pane

DIY Clear Wax

Paint Pixie Brush


The bedroom walk through is our Part 6. We go through the things we did in the previous videos and show you how we decorated the rest of the room.

Here are some items that we used in the videos that are not Jami Ray Vintage:

Beddy's Bedding

Rock Mountain Decal

Jiffy Steamer

Jacob's 3D Prints

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