Teen Bedroom Makeover | YouTube Video | Part 1


We did a complete renovation on our soon to be teenage daughter’s bedroom. For her room makeover he have six videos that show different things we did to vamp up her space.

In video one we used removable vinyl wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decal to cover an entire wall. This wallpaper is removable and comes in so many great prints. They also have vinyl wall decals. Here is the link to the same print of wallpaper we chose: Baby Girl Wallpaper. Watch Part 1 here


We are so excited to be using our new Jiffy Steamer and Beddy’s bedding in this room, and in the second part of the makeover you will see it all in action. This bedding fits on the mattress just like a fitted sheet. The sides are deep, so it fits over pillow top mattresses, as well as standard. There are zippers on both sides to make it simple and quick to make the bed, which is great for any age. This bedding definitely is worth the switch from traditional bedding because of its functionality and beauty.

The Jiffy Steamer has been helpful in so many different aspects of our lives. We use it Sunday before church to get wrinkles out of our clothes, on our curtains, and to prep any fabric before videos. We use it in this video to get the wrinkles out of the dust ruffle and new bedding. It works so quick and is so easy to use. You can find the Jiffy Steamer here and the Beddy’s Bedding here. Watch Part 2 here


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I love the wallpaper, the pink and green pillows cutest so adorable. Can you share soures, bed etc.?

Jennifer Main

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