Mirror Makeover | Saturday's Live With Giveaway

When life gives you a mirror with imperfections, you put an Iron Orchid Designs transfer on it ❤️. This mirror had a blemish, so I took it apart sanded the back and painted apothecary in a few sections. Then I painted the frame and added a beautiful transfer on the front. Zeb and I started this transformation last Saturday in our YouTube live. In this live we also used Sweet Pickins Milk Paint to paint smalls, and announced a giveaway! Watch and comment to enter. Giveaway ends Saturday, 4/20 at 8PM MDT.

Products Used:

Apothecary: https://jamirayvintage.com/products/a...
ransfer: https://jamirayvintage.com/products/p...
Milk Paint Moody Blue:


Watch The Video Replay Of Saturday's Live Here: https://youtu.be/MoOHKBBYOJM


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Love this transfer! Going to use it on a desk painted a creamy white. I might have to buy a mirror and do one this way. It’s so pretty!

Teresa Cullnan

When do expect the back order transfer items to be back in stock?

Colleen M.

Have a question. When u put the transfer picture on that glass frame. What do u put over the transfer to protect the picture from getting marked up peeled off something gotta be coated over that transfer. If have to wash the glass u don’t want it to hurt the transfer


Hi, This is for Jeb, could make larger natural candle sticks?


Watched you do this! I had already bought the transfer to put on a window pane like you and Zeb had done previously but I’m having trouble finding one. May have to resort to using mirror. This turned out beautifully!

Melody Tumlin

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