Milkpaint Crackle with Dark Wax | JRV Applique | YouTube Video


In this video, I paint a dresser with Sweet Pickin's Milk Paint Sweetie Jane and Pantry Door. On Top, I use DIY black wax and FCM smeary wax mixed with DIY paint in Bead Board to get this effect. I use JRV appliques to add some interest and detail to the piece.

Find the appliqués I use and more here.

Buy Sweetie Jane here

Buy Pantry Door here

Buy DIY Black Wax here

Buy FCM Smeary Wax here

Buy DIY Beadboard here

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Where can you purchase the Appliques? I couldn’t find them on your website.

Mary Beth

Love this and pretty much everything you do. Thanks for being a great teacher and inspiration!


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