How To Use Dark Wax and Not Be Afraid!

Are you scared of Dark Waxing your furniture? I was! We show you how to use dark wax on a mantle for the new shop renovation and we get some paint on the walls with our new paint sprayer!

A picture collage of a mantle showing the process from before to after painting and using dark wax on the mantle

"I can’t wait to get the new shop open in this old church. It’s beyond dreamy and I love it."

Before picture of the mantle tan color heavily distressed

How To Use Dark Wax

I scored this mantle on FB Marketplace for $100.  I am so excited to start doing some of the pretty finishing work on the church. We tore out a huge 80’s flagstone fireplace and I’m so happy to put something a little slimmer and prettier up. I can’t wait to style it for the holidays!

For a long time I was afraid to use dark wax, especially over white, but as I have grown as a furniture artist I have been brave and tried new things. I love how dark wax can make details pop. I have had some failures but I have also had success. Now after 10 years I’m confident in using dark wax even on white and it doesn’t look all brown and muddled. 

We posted this video on Facebook and YouTube showing how we achieved this look and sharing tips on dark wax. We also show getting primer on the walls. We have lots more to prime and paint. But I love that we are moving on to the finishing stage. I can’t wait to get the new shop open in this old church. It’s beyond dreamy and I love it.

"I love how dark wax can make details pop."

Here is the up close look of the finished mantle. You can achieve this look using 3 products: White Linen Cottage Color Paint, DIY Dark Wax, and a great brush like the Cling On R20 Round Brush.

Up close of the white, dark waxed mantle finished
After picture of the entire mantle white with dark wax

Products Used

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