How To Paint The Drippy Boho Chic Look | TV Segment

By using clay based paint and a squirt bottle, Jami Ray can transform any plain, old dresser into a chic piece of furniture with a drippy boho chic look. This new trend originated from Oklahoma City artist Dionne Woods.

Find more details and instructions on her YouTube.

Watch the Video here!

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Fantastic look, I’m fascinated by this aesthetic. Too bad I don’t have any furniture I can do it with, at least not for now. Gonna save it for later!

Diana Lopes

Omg, thank you for sharing your tips! I’ve always wanted to paint like this and now I know exactly how. Thanks!

Diego Lopes

Hi Jami
I watch every single vlog you make and I must say you definitely inspire me. My question is which brush you have been using that you have on auto order through amazon. It’s the foam brush and I can’t seem to find it.
If you could share the name of it I would very much appreciated it.
Thank you

Kristin Norwood

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