How To | Faux Barn Wood Top, Milk Paint, And Dark Oil Wax | YouTube Video

We blend several techniques together to get a faux bar wood top. We use milk paint and dark oil wax for a chippy, aged look. Watch the full video here and subscribe to Jami Ray Vintage. 

Products used in this video:

Sweetie Jane Milk Paint

Extra Bond

Real Stain #1

Dark Oil Wax

DIY Paint in White Swan

Paint Pixie 1 1/4” Oval/Round Brush

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Just buff the dresser with 220 grit sand paper to give the paint a little tooth to grab on to. Paint it. And if bleed through pops up use spray shellac on the spots and repaint over. Then seal.
Leave the top alone if that’s the look you’re going for.

Jami Ray Vintage

Thanks! I have been wanting to do a dresser with white swan and leave the dark stain as is on top. It’s really glossy all over. 1. Should I sand all the gloss off the entire piece before painting the white swan on it? 2. Do I need to worry about bleed through? 3. Can I leave the top as is or should I sand it down to the wood and stain it again like you did? Thanks!!


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