German Schmear On A Crumbling Fireplace

We are back at it! Working on the farmhouse and I am so happy to be back. Zeb's building up the walls and doing boring, but important structural stuff. And I convinced him to help me start on the fireplace. This fireplace is gonna take a few different days to complete it, but so far I am loving it. We found it behind a wall of plaster, but it's starting to crumble. We are having to use lots of mortar to save our 100 year old fireplace, but it’s totally worth it. Check out the how to video on our YouTube channel below!

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Hello i really enjoy watching yall on utube. Ii enjoy repurposing things also and my hubby is also helping out. I need a bit of help, if you could….I need to know if you have a paint color that is close to the depression glass jadeite. I have a collection of the glassware to go in my new farmhouse kitchen and would to like to pops of the color to other items in the kitchen. Thanks, Jackie Durham from SC.


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