Flea Market Shopping In France

I say it all the time, but I ❤️Junk! I just do. Today I had the cutest 80 year old grandma come in, she saw my I ❤️Junk shirt and she just had to have one in hot pink. Because when you love junk you just can’t help it. Well that’s what happened when I went to France. We didn’t have lots of time to shop like we had hoped, but the time we did have I made the most of it. And yes all of this was brought home in our suit cases and even in my back pack. Because when you love French junk, you find a way to bring it home. Half of this haul is staying with me because I just can't part with it and half has been put in my Lehi shop. The full video on flea market and junking in France is up on our channel now. 

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/veS3JrUUcgg

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How do I purchase the medecine bottles

Melissa Staggs

Do you still have the blue and white canisters?

Wendy Burdine

I am eighty three and your shop is on the very top of my bucket list.

Jean Banks

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