Farmhouse Furniture | Steel Wool and Vinegar Stain | YouTube Video

We do two different tables and an entertainment center. All of them have different style gray tops.


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Zeb says, “I dry brushed the table with Fairy Chalk Mother in Snowflake before sealing it.”

Jami Ray Vintage

Hi Jami -
Jeb was working on that beautiful table here. I know he used Jacobean (Minwax) as a base, then he added Classic Grey (Varathan). Lastly he was talking in the video about not be great at random glaze affects. Can you tell me what he used? I believe you are on the video afterwards using a minwax clear polycrylic you said. I just need that last part Jeb did….I think he said it was a glaze. We are in the final stages of finishing 4 rooms we gutted and remodeled and THIS is the exact color/stain I want to use throughout for my benches and counter tops!


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