Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover | YouTube Playlist

In this beautiful farmhouse bedroom makeover we incorporated a lot of our favorite ideas and techniques. On our YouTube channel we created a specific playlist for this makeover which you can find here.

Our first video shows the full DIY of our Chippy Farmhouse Buffet Table that we are going to put under our TV in our bedroom. We used DIY Paint in Apothecary and used a roller to apply it. I did one coat of the Apothecary and then I used shellac on top. Then I added a layer of Flour Sack and Cream Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. We made the mixture of the two colors 50/50. We then wet distressed and covered with DIY Clear Wax. Watch the video here

Our second video features our curtains and nightstands. In the video we also paint the walls. We use a custom color from Behr Marquee that we get at Home Depot. We have them match White Swan from DIY Paint. Now for the curtains we like using drop cloths. They do require you making them curtains, but they bring a great farmhouse look and are less expensive. For the nightstands we are putting Real Stain #2 on the tops and DIY White Swan on the drawers and base. I used a Paint Pixie 1 3/4 Brush to apply the White Swan. We used Sweet Pickins Top Coat to seal. We found two rugs at Walmart that we made into one big rug to go under our bed. You can find the video here

Our third video features candle sticks and our mounted TV. I made different shaped candlesticks and we stained them with Real Stain #2 which is the same stain we used on our nightstand tops. To get deep down into the cracks of the candlesticks I used the Paint Pixie French Round Brush. Then Zeb shows how to mount a TV. You can watch the full DIY here

In the next video we show how we made Corbel Lights and how we framed our TV. For the Corbels we used Real Stain #5 and then painted over them with DIY Paint in White Swan. 

Our final video for the makeover is a live video showing us hanging our free botanical printables on a blank wall. You can get the printables we found via Pinterest here. Watch the full live video here

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where can i find the real stain #2?
was watching ur video where u guys r staining frames that zeb made for the “amore” signs. went to the link…“404 not found”


Just started watching yalls, you tube videos and now YES I am obsessed with you both! So glad to see a real couple doing this TOGETHER. You are one lucky and blessed girl!

Delisa Dickson

Hi Jami Zeb.
This video is awesome! You both play off one another so fun-like. You have great tips and it’s helpful that you give out your painting secrets😊 like the colors you use. Your TV looks great framed above the buffet in your bedroom. I wish I could do that. So beautiful! The buffet is dreamy! I would love to find one like it!
Can’t wait for more to come! Love watching and learning! Loving my Sweet Pickins Milk paint & experimenting with them!

Angie Long

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