100 Year Old Farmhouse Demo Episode 2 | Kitchen Demo

This is what 100 years of kitchen looks like. So many designs, paint jobs and wallpaper. We still need to peel back the floor and open up the wall to the left to expand in to what used to be the bathroom. But I am already dreaming of open shelving, cement counters, custom white cabinets and a giant natural wood island. We already have our appliances so I am itching to get it pulled together. Zeb says that demo has been exactly what he expected. But for me I can say that it’s way harder than I thought. And my sledge hammer skills aren’t as good as I though they would be. We are really loving uncovering the bones of this house. And the more we open it up, the more we love this house. Anything worth having is worth working for. 

Watch The Kitchen Demo Here: https://youtu.be/12A44pDMwqE

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