Backyard Makeover

Our backyard makeover started with needing an outdoor space for the kids to play in. Now we have that plus a great outdoor space to relax and enjoy. We had a mountain of lumber that was given to us, but it had been sitting out too long. So we hauled that to the dump and built a pavilion where it was. 

Pavilion Video:

After this we needed to decorate the space under it. We went to IKEA and found a rug, pillows, couch and more! 

Watch the IKEA Haul Here:

We didn't find a coffee table at IKEA, but we made one during our Waste Not Wednesday Live video. We used an old salvaged barn door and Zeb made the legs. 

Waste Not Wednesday Live Replay:

Now for the big finish! Watch the finishing touches in our recap and décor video:

Products Used:

Hutch Color:

End Table Color:
White Swan:
Top Coat:

Coffee Table Colors: 
Bead Board:
Petticoat Pink:
Prairie Grey:
Cake Batter:











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