Red Safety Sasses Kateyes

Red Safety Sasses Kateyes

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Safety Sasses™ Kateyes
In a world of cleaning, sanding, and splatters. In a world of sawdust and dirt. Girl, you need eye protection. If you have not cried tears of “ow” because of a microscopic particle in your eye, consider yourself warned. Safety Sasses™ are workwear for the stylish woman. They are intended to function to protect your eyes in a variety of working environments, whether professional or hobbyist but still look fancy.

Safety Sasses™ Lightweights
Designed for lightweight duty. They are suitable for arts and crafts, yard work, some home improvement projects, DIY projects, workshop environments, light mechanic duty, and more.

Safety Sasses™ Color

Safety Sasses™ come with a hardshell case, cleaning cloth, and a touch of sass.