Real Stain

Looking for the perfect gray stain color?

Even better, what if those perfect grays were all natural, water based and low odor?

Look no further!
Real Stain all natural milk stain.

Just add water!
All natural.
Easy to mix, easy to use.
Low odor.
No VOC’s.
Colors are blendable and can be deepened with additional layers.
Soap and water clean up!
Product creates it own natural finish, but may be sealed with any available sealant for further water resistance.
For raw wood or existing, properly prepped wood.
Very little prep required. Sand, clean well, apply, let dry, repeat if desired. Enjoy!

*warm-toned wood

Shipping Info: Orders should be received in 10 business days. Handmade orders may have a lead time of 10 business days before shipping. On occasion when there is a back order or shipping delay, orders may take longer, and you will be notified by email.