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Dollar Tree Christmas DIY | Stamping Glitter

This is our Dollar Store Hack for Christmas. Rose Toile glittered barn wood; That’s a thing right?? This YouTube video we show you how to jazz up some dollar store trees with a box, paint, stamps, and glitter. Are you a glitter fan?? I’m not gonna lie it gets everywhere when your crafting, even Zeb is glittery! Watch the tutuorial here IOD stamps White Swan  

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Hand Made Christmas Decor

All of our Christmas Decor is going to be made by hand this year so we're starting early! This is our first project that we did. We did it during a Wednesday Live before Halloween had even came. We decided to make a "Merry Christmas" banner using the Typesetting and Wreath Builder Classic stamps from IOD. We stamped them using Little Black Dress paint by DIY and a Brayer fro IOD. These products can all be found on our website and the links are below. Watch the video to learn how to make your own homemade banner.   YouTube Video IOD Products Little Black Dress by DIY Brayer. Wreath Builder Typesetting  

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