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Milk Painting + Stamping Christmas Pillows

I love pink! This piece is painted in first crush with stamped knobs. I am obsessed with the IOD - Iron Orchid Designs knob topper stamps and flexi stamper. I will be stamping all my knobs from now on. Zeb and I, well Zeb stamped this pillow yesterday on our YouTube live. It was a simple easy craft using IKEA pillow cases and IOD - Iron Orchid Designs stamps and ink. I’m going to use this pillow as a reminder during the holiday season to be calm because calm and peace is where joy resides. Crazy and chaos is not where I am happy. And even when life is crazy, if I am calm I can be my best self....

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Buffalo Plaid | How To Stencil & Stamp

It’s Friday! This week was touch and go but come what may, it’s the weekend. We took a break from our Christmas crafting to transform Harrington’s old modern dresser. To see the before you will have to watch our next YouTube video. The transformation is crazy to me. We used our buffalo plaid stencil and the Iron Orchid Design knob topper stamps and flexi stamper to give this dresser a farmhouse vibe. Watch the YouTube Video here        

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