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Fall Craft Ideas | YouTube Video

We use the new Fall and Halloween stencils from Essential Stencil to make signs for hosting a craft night! Watch the YouTube video here Full SIGN DIY: https://youtu.be/gACcn26P-O0 Use Code JAMIRAYVINTAGE to save 10% on essential stencils Essential Stencils: https://essentialstencil.com/?rfsn=15... Gunmetal: https://jamirayvintage.com/products/g... Best Black: https://jamirayvintage.com/products/b... White Swan: https://jamirayvintage.com/products/w... Paint Pixie Brush: https://jamirayvintage.com/products/l... Clear Wax: https://jamirayvintage.com/products/d... White Wax: https://jamirayvintage.com/products/d...

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How To Milk Paint A Buffet Table | YouTube Video

We flip this old buffet table using milk paint by Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. Zeb teaches some of his tips and tricks for repairing furniture. You can watch the whole flip on our YouTube here. Moody Blue Paint Pixie Brush Top Coat Shellac Immersion Blender

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Artisan Drip Painting with DIY Paints

Jami took a dresser and applied a beautiful technique called artisan drip painting. She used Cowboy Coral, Farm Fresh and White Swan DIY paint. You can find each color for purchase by clicking on the words in the last sentence. There are lots of different DIY Paints as well, find them here. Jami did a live video on Facebook while she did showed how to do the technique. You can find the video here!  Follow Jami Ray Vintage on YouTube and Facebook!

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