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100 Year Old Farmhouse Demo Episode 4 | Chimney Removal

I have been away at girls camp all week working with the best young women ever. And now I am home again. Zeb has been holding down the fort and making lots of progress on the house. This video he did alongside our son Harrington. Plus I came home to a full fridge, spotless home and happy children. I love that I can serve with our church and Zeb is so good at taking care of things while I am gone. We picked up the tile I ordered today, and I can’t wait to start putting this home back together. Away is fun, but home is better. Watch Episode 4 Here: https://youtu.be/BgxcMm_R_pw Find the paint and products we use here: https://jamirayvintage.com...

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100 Year Old Farmhouse Demo Episode 3 | Bathroom Demo

I’m sweaty, covered in dirt and so glad tomorrow is Sunday! But we made so much progress today. The ceiling is all the way down, and we spent most of the day removing lathe and plaster, and insulation. I really want to use this tub, but I need feet. This bathroom will be the only one on the main level of the house. The hardwoods are rough, and will need to be patched, but we’ll save them and paint them. I want no carpet in this house. Just some rugs.  We went junking and I bought a few things for our space at Molly's Forget Me Not Boutique and bought a few things for the house. Zebs comment to me, “I...

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