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Teen Bedroom Makeover | YouTube Video | Part 2

It’s all about the details. Odelia’s room isn’t huge so lots of the decor had to be custom made. We also had to make Star Wars fit in to this super girly space, and every teenage girl needs a vanity. In Part 3 of the bedroom makeover we made corbels and a shelf to house her books. You can find the products we used to create them here: Odelia Corbels Real Stain #2 First Crush Window Pane DIY Big Top   Our next video, Part 4, shows how we made frames for some one of a kind artwork with a Star Wars theme, and produced a design fail. After finishing the vanity we realized that it wasn’t deep enough, it...

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Teen Bedroom Makeover Using Beddy’s

We collaborated with Beddy’s for this teen bedroom makeover and it has been a life changer! This bedding fits on the mattress just like a fitted sheet. The sides are deep, so it fits over pillow top mattresses, as well as standard. There are zippers on both sides to make it simple and quick to make the bed, which is great for any age. This bedding definitely is worth the switch from traditional bedding because of its functionality and beauty.  Watch our video review here Find Beddy’s Here Don't forget to sign up for their email list to learn about sales, new releases and more. You can find the sign up at the bottom of the Beddy’s webpage. 

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