5 Perfect Pieces That Make for Great Farmhouse Décor

You've decided that farmhouse décor is your thing. Whether you are new to the scene, or you've been doing farmhouse your entire adult life, finding pieces for your home can be challenging. But the thrill of the hunt is what keeps you going. Every time you find a piece that pushes your buttons, you get a thrill unmatched by anything else.

If I sound as though I speak from experience, it's because I do. I love farmhouse décor. I love modern farmhouse design. I love just about everything vintage, old, and crafty. I am constantly on the hunt for things I can either add to my own home or sell in the store.

In this post, I want to introduce you to five perfect pieces that make for great farmhouse décor. These are not specific pieces from certain manufacturers, by the way. They are types of pieces. You can find each type in a variety of iterations. It is just a matter of hunting until you discover what you're after.

1. A Wood Plank Clock

Grandfather clocks are fine, but they can look staid and reserved in a modern farmhouse environment. So instead, look around for a vintage wall clock made from multiple wood planks. The best ones I've seen look like they were made by cutting a circle out of a distressed wood floor and attaching a clock mechanism to it.

A wood plank clock doesn't quite qualify as antique wall décor. It is not retro room décor, either. It's kind of in the middle – in a funky sort of way. That's what you're aiming for with modern farmhouse.

2. Anything Tin or Iron

Metal pieces really add to the beauty of farmhouse décor. With that in mind, I recommend keeping your eye out for anything made of tin or iron. Both metals take on a wonderful patina as they age. They look better the older they get, at least in my opinion.

You might find a piece of art depicting a tree or an old windmill, made of tin. Grab it. You might run across an old iron fireplace set. It would be the perfect addition to your living room fireplace.

3. A Butcher Block Table

Table choices are a big deal if you're into farmhouse décor. There are plenty of lovely wood tables that look great in a variety of environments. But only certain kinds of tables work well for the farmhouse look. At the top of the list are butcher block tables.

I've seen many a butcher block table large enough to serve as an island in the kitchen. I have also seen them small enough to be used as coffee tables. One way or the other, a butcher block table with just the right amount of distress screams modern farmhouse.

4. The Barn Door

It's impossible to talk about farmhouse décor without mentioning the barn door. We all know how popular barn doors are in modern architectural design. Needless to say, you need to have at least one. And if you can only have one, put it somewhere prominent. You want people to see it.

5. Galvanized Steel Lights

A collection of galvanized steel lights would make a fantastic addition to any farmhouse décor collection. They work especially well hanging from the kitchen ceiling. But don't be afraid to use them in other rooms, including the bathroom and family room.

I have given you just five ideas for the types of pieces that make for great farmhouse décor. What do you think? Are there other types of items you purposely go looking for?

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